Buy a Certifiably Civil Tee and we'll donate a portion of our profits!

Our Products


Think green! It’s good for the planet.

  • Trucker hats made from recycled plastic mesh
  • Up-cycled men’s tweed blazers
  • Recycled fleece track zips
  • Eco-chic kids’ toys and more


    Help in various ways to raise others’ standards of living. Plus, they make for incredibly unique gifts! A few examples:

    • Poop paper – Made from elephant, panda and cow poop.
    • Plantable cards – Grow flowers, dill and other herbs and surprises.
    • Candles – Smell good, grow clear and are made from regionally-grown soy beans.
    • Hair brushes – Made from peace shells.
    • Peace bracelets – Some made in Napal from recycled candy wrappers.
    • School supplies – Including banana paper, sketching pads and smelly pencils. All support animal shelters or small farms in Central and South America or go to another great cause.


    Playing nice while fostering sustainability in the global market.

    • Kids’ Stuff – Doing good for the people and planet starts young! Eco-friendly and stylish toys, décor and accessories.
    • Jewelry – Fair-traded, recycled and handmade jewelry from all over the country. Some of the nicest beaded and sterling bracelets and necklaces you will ever find.
    • Food and Drink – Buy from do-gooder organizations and eat guilt-free. Soups, brownies, cookies, coffee, tea, vegetable mixes, candy and more.
    • Home Décor – Each piece has a unique and special story to add to your home. Mosaic bowls, stone sculptures, wind chimes, refurbished lazy susans and more.



    Clever clothing promoting good ways of living. Think happiness, recycling and alternative energy.



    Live in sustainable peace and co-existence. Peace signs in the form of:

    • Organic t-shirts
    • LED lights
    • Recycled metal signs and more