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Busy Baby Mat

Busy Baby Mat

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Busy Baby Mat

First-ever placemat to keep toys in place
Time to end the "Toddler Toss!"

Local Minnesota owned company

Keep your baby safer from GERMS!
100% FDA Approved Food-Grade Silicone


The Busy Baby Mat is the first-ever placemat to suction to a table and allow you to attach baby's toys! The mat comes with 2 grey silicone toy straps (tethers). The additional tethers are fantastic to use on or off the mat.  Connect them to each other and create a loop to attach toys to stroller straps or handlebars!  The Busy Baby Teething Spoon is PERFECT for teething, self-feeding practice, and attaching to your Busy Baby Mat.


Busy Baby Mat Features

This children’s placemat comes with two light grey toy straps to keep toys within your child’s reach and free from germs. No longer do you need to constantly pick up your child’s toys as they can now be safely attached to the Busy Baby Placemat. Using
a silicone-based ball-and-socket technology, we have created a unique toy strap that is both safe and durable. We also include a lightweight travel sleeve at no additional cost.

This children’s placemat was designed to withstand the tugging, pulling, and prodding from a child while remaining stationary and not creating a disaster of toys around them. The placemat utilizes four silicone suction cups, on the bottom, designed as a
part of the placemat rather than an attachment. This creates more stability, durability, and reliability as your child plays and eats.

Made with food-grade silicone this placemat contains no Phthalates, BPA, BPS, or PVC. That means this product is safe for your baby to play on, eat off, and do everything else babies do while exploring their surroundings.