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Maple Drops Candy

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These 5oz clear bags are the "retail store" version of our popular Maple Drops Candies.  For the first time, we are offering these convenient little pouches through our online store.

These delightful little maple leaf shaped hard candies are made with pure maple syrup and deliver a long lasting savory maple taste.  They are individually wrapped and maintain freshness for over a year, so you can make a bag of them last, as long as you can show self restraint. 

We enjoy them so much that we sprinkle them all over the place in case someone has a craving.  Stash them in your hand bag, or glove-box, or in a bowl next to the telephone.  Many people have even said that these are the best throat lozenge to be found. 

Bottom line:  Everyone loves them.

Ingredients:  41.2% Maple Syrup, Glucose (derived from corn), Sucrose
Allergens: Produced on the same line as products containing dairy.