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With Wisdom Let Us Stand.

My guess is that many of you share my compelling lack of enthusiasm for another early start to a presidential and national political campaign. Once again, the negative and divisive comments and personalities predominate, and mostly unimportant sideshows take center stage. In the midst of it all, the most important and compelling human social needs are marginalized or denied. One of those needs is about the declining health of the small planet all of the earth’s people share. So it was with great joy that the congregation where we worshipped this past Sunday (August 2, 2015) sang a hymn with part of the text being the following:

Now the fragile planet cries for help; the creatures’ loud lament,

The flora and the fauna fade; the web of life is rent,

The waters bleed with oil as their salty spray is spent, with wisdom let us stand.

Comes today the clarion call to claim our kinship with the earth,

And to stem the rising poverty that marks too many a birth,

And to tell the monied forces of creation’s priceless worth, with wisdom let us stand.


Wisdom.” “A state or condition of being wise.” Wise.” “Having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment.” You can see why the song writer ends the verses “with wisdom let us stand.” Too many recent polls have attested to the ignorance of a large majority of USA citizens about the most important political issues of our time. Global warming, supported by over 95% of all world scientists and their empirical studies, still has many deniers. As you again listen to the many voices crying for political support, please exercise all due diligence as you seek to determine which of those voices demonstrate “experience, knowledge, and good judgment” on the important issues seeking to meet human social needs.