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Dr. Dan Talks About Purple

Our logo, the multi-shaded purple tree, was designed by Christiansen Creative here in Hudson, WI. It has won three national and international awards for logo design. It is the corporate symbol of LiveLiberal Ltd., as well as the commercial symbol of our store, THE PURPLE TREE.

The tree was chosen because it is a symbol of strength, honor, liberty, endurance, stability, and hope. All of these attributes we affirm as foundational to our corporate and business mission: “…to promote responsible freedom to serve a common good, especially among those who have not yet fully enjoyed or participated in that common good.” Serving that “common good,” we see as doing all that we can to promote peace, justice, fair trade, and a sustainable environment.

The purple color of various shades was chosen as a reaction to the division of our country by the political pundits into the colors red and blue. The more conservative states were labeled as “red states” and the more liberal states were labeled as “blue states.” In fact, it is our assertion that there are no “red” nor “blue” states, but only states in various shades of purple (a color that is made by combining reds and blues). We believe that this holds true also for individuals who are always a mixture of both liberal and conservative beliefs and values and behaviors.

We finally believe that the issues of peace, justice, fair trade, and a sustainable environment are important values held by each individual to some degree without regard to the shade of purple they may be.