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A Few “Bullet Points” on “Thou shalt not murder.”

  • In both Hebrew as well as Greek, the correct translation is “thou shalt not murder.” In Hebrew and Greek thinking (and Judeo-Christian thought), only post-birth living humans can be murdered – the physical act of taking another’s life.
  • Murder in the Hebrew and Greek belief systems also includes thoughts or feelings of deep hatred or malice against another person.
  • According to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and his dispassionate analysis of some cold, hard facts:
    • 4 Million Americans died in all the wars we have fought since 1776. By 1968, 1.4 Million Americans had died via household guns.
    • 400,000 Americans died fighting in World War II. 400,000 Americans have died by household Firearms just since 2001.
    • 3,400 Americans have died by Terrorism since 2001. 3,400 Americans have died by household firearms since five weeks ago.
  • Since Pres. Obama took office, the rate of threats against the president has increased 400 per cent from the 3,000 a year or so under President George W. Bush. Pres. Obama receives about 30 death threats a day.
  • On the issue of guns, our politics are almost completely under the control of pro-gun lobbies. Please consider checking out to see where our local and regional elected officials stand with regard to the amounts of campaign funding given by pro-gun lobbies. Most of our current elected officials oppose all forms of gun control.

These are very troubling days. It is almost a statistical zero that any of us will be killed by a terrorist attack. 0% Our chances of being killed by a gun, however, are 1 in 25,000. Our chances, by way of comparison, of dying from an alcohol-related death are 1 in 151,000. And yet the terrifying rhetoric in the political environs these days raises unreasonable fears, horrible vilifications of individuals and groups, and dramatic violations of “thou shalt not murder.” May we all renew our efforts to refrain from such actions ourselves and seek through the ballot to remove those who do so and not elect those who seek to do so.