Dan Bruch

Tax Day- April 15, 2014

My guess is that most of us would prefer to have lower taxes and more of that money to spend on the things we want and need. Usually the concern is how the government (that is us) spends the tax dollars that we send in this time of the year. There always seem to be…

Dan Bruch

Just a Reminder about a Cultural Reality

So we live in a country and in an area where some think that the media skews to the political right while others think it skews to the political left. I have my own opinion about this as likely you do too. Currently as I listened to the radio, read the daily newspaper, and watched…

Dan Bruch

Dr. Dan Talks About Purple

Our logo, the multi-shaded purple tree, was designed by Christiansen Creative here in Hudson, WI. It has won three national and international awards for logo design. It is the corporate symbol of LiveLiberal Ltd., as well as the commercial symbol of our store, THE PURPLE TREE. The tree was chosen because it is a symbol…


Hoodie Goodies

His and Her Hoodies by Kuhl. The perfect item for spring and summer. They both have sun protection and are eco-friendly. Isn’t it great when you are both happy?

Dan Bruch

Dan on Being an Entrepreneur

en·tre·pre·neur [ òntrəprə núr ] – risk-taking businessperson: somebody who initiates or finances new commercial enterprises. When we first opened THE PURPLE TREE, I am quite sure that we neither talked about being entrepreneurs nor tried to spell the word! But we were opening a risky business at a risky time in a risky place.…

Sarah Bruch at purple Tree

Holiday Lights Not So Bright?

Do you have piles of holiday lights that no longer work? Wondering what to do with them? Guess what? The Purple Tree is a recycling donation location for no longer working holiday lights. In fact, you can deliver them to our shop until January 31. Pass the message on! (Just a reminder that during January…